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Tourist Arrests in Las Vegas, Nevada – Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney


The unique set-up of Las Vegas, a city situated in the middle of a desert that comes alive at night, is an attraction that lures millions of tourist every year. Described as “Sin City” by some, it’s a small wonder why people of all walks of life visit its world-renowned casinos and hotels. Yet even in a city as exciting as Las Vegas, laws must be observed—an idea that most travelers tend to forget. So if ever decided to come and visit Vegas, here are a few basic things that every traveler needs to know to prevent getting Locked Up In Vegas:

1. Know the contact details of the best possible local person that can help if you’re visiting a foreign place. This list could include local medical staff or lawyer in Las Vegas NV in case an emergency arises.

2. Currently, 21 is still the legal age where people can gamble in Las Vegas. Though there are still some who tries to be sneaky, casinos do routine checks to ensure that no minors are wandering about. Even when a minor is with a parent, no below 21-year-olds are allowed inside the casino premises.

3. Also, slot tickets, play chips and/or money found in a casino are actually owned by the casino, not by the finder. A tourist may find himself escorted out the casino if he persists; since some of the hotels and casinos are owned by the same company, obedience to this rule is expected.

4. Walking in certain areas in Las Vegas with an alcoholic beverage in hand isn’t against the law, as stated in NRS 484C.110, 484B.150 and 458.260. However, it is illegal to drive when intoxicated or even with an open alcoholic drink nearby.

5. If traveling with a child, please take note that Las Vegas is not called “Sin City” for nothing. Since the city is famous for its adult entertainment, parents should watch out for solicitors handing out pornographic cards. These materials aren’t just men and women in tight clothes but actual photos of nudity and sexual acts. It is best to monitor children in these cases and make sure to avoid strip joints as much as possible.

Like in other places, following laws won’t hurt much since cooperation is only needed. However, failure to observe these laws has led to thousands of tourist getting arrested each year in Las Vegas. Ranging from mild offenses to severe misbehavior, a tourist can be arrested where police enforcers can keep you in custody longer than expected. Having your vacation in one of the world’s top tourist destination only to end in a cell isn’t very exciting at all.

Common Causes of Tourist Arrest:

1. Assault

2. DUI/DWI (Driving Under The Influence/ Driving While Intoxicated)

3. Violation of Probations

4. Drug Possession

5. Solicitation

6. Casino Markers

7. Writing Bad Checks

8. Open or Gross Lewdness

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