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  • DUI with accident (BAC .21) Reduced to Careless Driving

    Case Number: 23CR94***

    Date: 07/16/2024

  • Coercion Domestic Violence with Threat or Use of Physical Force (Category B Felony) and Domestic Battery Dismissed

    Case Number: ***RH000***

    Date: 07/01/2024

  • Battery and Trespass Dismissed

    Case Number: 24CR001946/-**

    Date: 06/26/2024

  • Child Abuse, Neglect or Endangerment and Domestic Battery Dismissed

    Case Number: 24CR032***

    Date: 6/25/2024

  • Assault with use of Deadly Weapon (Category B Felony) Dismissed

    Case Number: 23CR098***

    Date: 06/20/2024

  • DUI with Accident Reduced to Reckless Driving

    Case Number: C1279***

    Date: 06/17/2024

  • Open and Gross Lewdenss Dismissed

    Case Number: 23PC086***

    Date: 06/13/2024

  • Battery Dismissed
    Case Number: 24CR020***

    Date: 06/12/2024

  • Duty to Stop at Scene of Crash Involving Death or Personal Injury (Category B Felony) Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Misdemeanor)

    Case Number: C-24-3811***

    Date: 06/10/2024

  • Domestic Battery Dismissed

    Case Number: 23-029***

    Date: 6/3/2024

  • Reckless Driving Disregard pers/prop safety Dismissed

    Case Number: 24CR008***

    Date: 5/30/2024

  • Failure to Report Damage to Unattended Vehicle after being in an accident Dismissed

    Case Number: 24CR014***

    Date: 5/30/2024

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