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Getting Out of Jail and Bail Bonds


The first thought after being arrested and booked into jail is the quickest way back out. The jail’s intake department interviews the new detainee to determine whether that person is eligible without posting a bond for release “on their own recognizance” (“OR Release”) based on the individual’s history, nature of charges and history of employment, length of residence in the community, relationship with family members and close friends and other factors set forth in NRS 178.4853.

Otherwise, with the exception of the most serious offenses such as homicide, kidnapping and escape, there is a standard bail schedule (periodically revised by Judges). If the amount of bail is too high, the court may consider reducing the bail to reasonably ensure the appearance of the defendant and safety of others based on nature and circumstances of the offense charged, the financial ability of the defendant to give bail, the character of the defendant and other factors identified in NRS 178.4853.

Likewise, the Judge at any time after setting bail at a specific amount may upon its own motion or upon motion of the district attorney increase the amount of bail for good cause shown. NRS 178.499. The person generally will have the option to either pay cash in the amount of the bond, which will be refunded at the conclusion of the case, or pay a premium (generally 10% of the bond) to a bail bonds company to post a surety bond on your behalf. However, you must report and comply with any other conditions imposed by the bail bonds company for the duration of the bail, which by statute, is a minimum of one year or longer depending on the terms of the surety agreement.

If you need a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer to defend you in the future or if you need to be bailed up, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We may be able to lower the fees for the bail, and possibly get your charges dropped. Contact a criminal defense attorney for a legal counsel.

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