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Types of Cases Covered by Nevada’s Appeals Court


When you’re seeking post-conviction relief in Las Vegas, you may end up being escalated to higher courts who have higher authority over your case. Eventually, you may find yourself at the Nevada Supreme Court, the highest court of the state. However, if your appeal fails there, you have a chance to go to the Appellate Courts as a last resort.

The Nevada Court of Appeals is a court that handles cases assigned to it directly by the Supreme Court. It is the last court where any Nevada cases can be heard; any decision made by the Court of Appeals is final and irreversible. Let’s look at some of the case types covered by the Appeals Court in Nevada, listed below.

Guilty Results

These are the most common types of case decisions submitted for appeal. Most guilty charges that have been thrown out of the Supreme Court can still be heard by the Appellate Courts, barring certain circumstances that prevent such appeals to be made. Guilty verdicts handled in the Court of Appeals include:

  • Guilty verdicts based on plea deals, insanity plea convicts, and Alford pleas
  • Crimes below category A and B felonies
  • Appeals challenging sufficiency of evidence, computation of time to serve, or seeking the correction or modification of a sentence
  • Challenges for convictions that are below category A felonies

Financial Cases

The Court of Appeals also handles judgment with connection to financial matters. Such cases may include actual money, or money-related issues like inheritance and properties. These cases may include:

  • Tort cases amounting to a net cost $250,000 or less
  • Contract disputes worth $75,000 or less
  • Trust and estate matters involving property values less than $5,430,000
  • Judgment related to the foreclosure mediation program
  • NRS 108 hearings

Administrative Issues

Individuals can go to the Appellate Courts to dispute certain decisions involving government agencies and services. These may also include legal matters not pertaining to criminal hearings. Such administrative appeals include:

  • Cases that don’t include tax, water, or public utilities
  • Appeals for the venue of a legal hearing
  • Challenges for and against injunctive relief
  • Appeals for post-judgement orders civil cases
  • Pre-trial writ hearings for issues like orders in limine

Appellate Courts play an important role in ensuring that Nevada residents get satisfactory results for any legal issue they can get involved in. Consult your criminal defense lawyer if you still have questions about the appeals court and how it can affect your case.

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