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Out-Of-State Resident’s License Suspension


Millions of people visit Las Vegas every year and it is likely for someone to drive intoxicated, get charged for driving under the influence (DUI), and have his licenses suspended. If you are from another state, you will not walk away with less penalties since Nevada is part of Driver’s License Compact (DLC), a group of states that share rules about driving violations, especially for DUI. There are criminal defense attorneys in Las Vegas who could help you handle such predicament, but these are what you need to know:

During an arrest

Like in other states, a DUI arrest leads to a subsequent license suspension in Nevada. You will be likely pulled over when a police officer notices you show signs of driving while intoxicated. Once you enter and drive a car, you are required to submit to tests that a police officer has to perform. These examinations are usually sobriety and other chemical tests that are done through testing your breath, blood, and urine. Remember that all 50 states of America adopted the 0.08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and if results exceed this limit, you will be charged for DUI, no matter where you are.

How DLC works

When you are arrested for DUI in Nevada, your driving privileges in the state will be revoked and you will have to face certain legal penalties for DUI. Nevada does not have a jurisdiction in your state, therefore it cannot suspend your license but remember that your home state can do it once you get home.

The state where you were arrested has the right to inform your home state of the misdemeanor you committed. Usually, the home state follows suit and brings down their own punishment.

Court and Department of Motor Vehicles hearings

Depending on the circumstances, you will have to return to the state where you were arrested to attend certain hearings. You will also have to deal with the court case in the state of your arrest, while your home state’s Department of Motor Vehicles division will handle the driver’s license suspension.

Aid of a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas

While it is not imperative to have an attorney when charged for a misdemeanor and suspension of license for DUI, it is still practical to have one. The criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas and in other parts of Nevada whom you will hire could collect evidence and attend hearings on your behalf. With his expertise about DUI, license suspension, and the state’s law, there is a high chance for your case to be dismissed.

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