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How to Reinstate Your Driver’s License after a DUI case


Many traffic violations like driving under the influence (DUI) can cause your driver’s license suspension. Good thing you can reinstate it.  If your criminal case is over or has been dismissed, you will need to go through processes and submit requirements to get your license back since reinstatement is not automatic. Here are some guidelines from trusted DUI Attorney Ross Goodman which will help you reinstate your license and get back on track!

Note the end periods

You can only reinstate your suspended driver’s license at the end of the revocation period. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will not notify you the moment your suspension ended, so make sure that you know the duration of the suspension right from the first notification.

Here are the common time periods for suspensions if your case is DUI:

  • First offense – 90 days (Beginning October 2018, period will be 185 days)
  • Second offense – 1 year (within 7 years)
  • Third offense/Felony – 3 years

Secure the requirements needed

Before you head to DMV to start your reinstating process, you need to secure the following requirements:

  • SR-22 or Proof of insurance
  • Written knowledge test about driving
  • Vision test
  • Driving test (for licenses that has been suspended for over a year)
  • A reinstatement fee
  • Installation of ignition interlock devices (for DUI)

If you are from Nevada, you can contact DMV’s Nevada division to be certain about the requirements. Remember that the requirements and processes may vary depending on the state.

Know the options to take

In Nevada, you can easily go online through assistance services if you cannot process your application personally at a DMV office. Your other option is through mail, especially if electronic facilities are unavailable.

However, it is best to personally reinstate your license at a DMV office because if your case is DUI, you are likely to go under several processes that require your appearance.

Prepare for settlements

Like the other parts of the process in reinstating your license, the fees that you will pay depends on the case that caused the suspension of your license. Aside from the fee for the license, the other common fees you need to pay are for the tests and additional fees if you were charged for DUI.

It might be difficult to reinstate your license if you are not ready so ensure that all the requirements, fees, and your will to be back on the road are at hand. A Las Vegas DUI attorney can aid you in the process of having your driver license back! Contact a reliable one for other DUI case concerns.

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