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Recreational Marijuana in Nevada


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We’ve covered about medical marijuana laws before, but what about for recreational use? While it’s still too early to tell, many predict that it’s legalization is inevitable, and may become available for recreational use sometime in the future, possibly at 2016 thanks to a new policy. Why? Many factors come into play but ultimately, it will be up to Nevada’s residents whether the policy passes or not.

What is the proposal about?

The recreational use of marijuana preserves the laws for medical marijuana, although it is restricted to people 21 years old or older. Sales of all recreational marijuana will be taxed, and there’s also a limit of 1 ounce, most likely per person.

Protects medical marijuana users

There are still many stories about medical marijuana users being arrested, even if they were carrying an authentic marijuana license. Legalizing marijuana will definitely help them because it makes them less liable for criminal charges and reduces the social stigma for consuming marijuana.

Support for marijuana continues to rise

Supporters of marijuana legalization have been definitely busy these years; people are now realizing that marijuana’s harmful effects are minimal, and they have been continuously petitioning people for signatures, which continue to increase every year. Even if they have failed to collect the amount of signatures required, they’re confident that the people will vote to have them legalized. Anyone who wants to show their support should sign or vote in favour of it.

Increases jobs and funds

Another reason for the massive support is Colorado’s success and the potential for business that legalization has brought, creating shops, jobs, and facilities that will benefit the state as a whole. Most consumers accept the restrictions and sales tax for recreational marijuana even if it’s predicted to be around 15%, so the local government will enjoy the additional revenue from these sales.

Increase focus on more serious crime

Most residents of Nevada believe that marijuana should be regulated just like alcohol, and by legalizing it completely, this will allow the police force to allocate more of their time and budget to tackle violent crimes rather than pursuing Las Vegas drug law arrests of marijuana.

In short, marijuana’s legalization is great for everyone involved; at the very least it’s one less thing to be worried about even for a Las Vegas drug crime lawyer.

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