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Felony Sexual Assault at Six-years Old in Las Vegas, Nevada


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What’s scary and baffling about current sexual assault laws? a six-year old is being charged with felony sexual assault just for “playing doctor”. If convicted, he’ll be separated from his parents and face a life of difficulty because of an innocuous albeit disconcerting act, and will probably be in the sex offender list for life as soon as he turns 18.

The defendant, called D.B (or just D) in this case, was caught playing doctor with two 5-year olds (a boy and a girl), or in their own words, playing “butt doctor”. The case started when the girl’s mother saw her daughter with her skirt and underpants down, with D sitting underneath the girl. She suspected that the boy penetrated her daughter’s anus with his finger, although the girl explained that D only touched her buttocks on the outside of her body. D’s parents claim the cause of the D’s curiosity may be the enemas and rectal examinations for some medical conditions before the play date. D also claimed that he was “touched wrongly” by the girl’s brother but no charges have been made so far.

District Attorney Lisa Riniker has alleged that D had sexual intercourse with a child under the age of 12, which is particularly bad for D as Wisconsin law considers “intrusion, however slight, of any part of a person’s body” to be sexual intercourse. Two weeks after this charge, she filed a follow-up petition that accuses D of groping two teenage babysitters.

The case is further complicated, unfavorably for the defendant, because the girl’s father is a politically connected official in Grant County, and the social services investigator that accused D’s parents of witness tampering is the girl’s aunt. Also take note of the fact that the girl and her brother were not prosecuted for doing the very same things that D has done.

If this happened to your child or someone you know’s child

While it happened in Wisconsin and involved some very irrational actions by adults, it just shows that anyone can be charged with sexual assault, no matter who or where you are, be it a child or if you’re in Nevada. If you have a child or know someone who was accused of sexual assault, please contact a criminal defense lawyer.

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