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Domestic Violence & Domestic Abuse Defined by Atty. Ross Goodman


[Tweet “In Nevada, “domestic violence” refers to the crime or other acts that constitute DV.”]

There may be some confusion between the terms domestic violence and domestic abuse, so we’ve written this post to clear things up as clarity is very important, especially in criminal defense. This post will be particularly useful for visitors from out-of-state, or for people who are unfamiliar with these terms.

Nevada uses the term “domestic violence”

Other states may use either domestic violence and domestic abuse in their state codes, but Nevada primarily uses “domestic violence” when referring to the crime or other acts that constitute domestic violence. Nevertheless, these two terms are interchangeable.

“Violence” is not necessary in domestic violence

It’s understandable that some people may be confused that “domestic violence” requires the involvement of violent acts in the crime. Other states do make this distinction, in which criminal acts that do involve violence are prosecuted much more severely than without. In Nevada however, if the act is non-violent it may be reduced into a similar or lesser charge, like battery and assault for example.

Domestic abuse covers a wider range of actions than domestic violence

Meanwhile, different states use domestic abuse to include other criminal acts that constitute domestic abuse, including domestic violence as well.

Other states use one of the terms in family court rather than criminal court

States other than Nevada may use one of these terms when talking about cases where it involves child custody and placement to distinguish them from each other.

How about battery domestic violence?

Battery domestic violence is treated as a separate crime than domestic violence, and implies that battery was involved. In actually, there’s virtually no difference compared to domestic violence when it comes to their criminal penalties.

If you or someone you know has been charged with domestic violence or domestic abuse, contact a domestic violence attorney for an initial consultation for your case.

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