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Drunk Driving: What Are The Possible Charges?


While the world was commemorating the life of St Patrick, Ireland launched its first National Alcohol Awareness Week (March 18-22, 2013) to equate the common axiom that Ireland is the land of alcoholic drinks. Though 4,126.25 miles away from one another, the United States and Ireland share the common passion over alcoholic beverages resulting  (in the former) to countless drinking under the influence charges every month with 32% of car crashes caused by drunk driving.

Drinking alcoholic beverages alter how your mind works. It literally messes up on the mental system affecting the entire body. Alcohol affects one’s decision skills, effectivity of locomotion and hinders routine tasks like driving making it a dangerous and serious offense. And since drinking and driving is such a fatal combination, it is obviously a serious crime in some states especially in Las Vegas—though all states follow the 21-year-old legal drinking age law. The perpetrators of this violation can face convictions resulting in fines, community services, confiscation/suspension of driver’s license and/or jail time with charges of DWI that can literally change your life (Driving Under Influence).

If convicted of DUI, the records can be kept and jeopardize potential employers or scholarships: depending, of course, on the casualty inflicted. Whether this would mark a first-time offense or not on DUI, it is highly advisable to consult an Las Vegas DUI lawyer as soon as possible. Contact a DWI defense attorney for a legal counsel.


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