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Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence and Perjury in Las Vegas


By definition,  perjury is the willful act of  giving false statements in any judicial proceedings while under oath. Such false statements are defined as giving incorrect, incomplete or misleading details that can affect the case. Here are facts about domestic violence and perjury:

Since one of the most common defense strategies is the presentation of witnesses, domestic violence and perjury in Las Vegas is a felony that could result in prison, fines and a criminal record. Lying is a violation in court that Nevada does not take very lightly. The simple act of confirming a false story under oath is heavily subjected to legal responsibilities.

When committed, perjury can alter the whole result of the ongoing case by convicting an innocent defendant or freeing a violator. That is why judges and legal professionals take cases of accused perjury in court very seriously. Since such lying can cause a catastrophic effect, it is seldom that perjurers are convicted and recorded. Most would just correct their statements before stepping down. The witness, for example, may be charged with contempt of crime for wasting the court’s time if they attempt to lie.

Domestic Violence and Perjury

Quite understandably, the issue of perjury is often related in the issue of domestic violence. If no visual evidence can be presented (body marks that may indicate violence like scars or wounds), the case basically is about the word of the defendant against the word of the victim.

The relationship of domestic disputes and perjury is somewhat striking since there are previous cases that made a public stir only to be found that the it was nothing but a staged accusation.

In Nevada, a person who commits perjury may be sentenced to 50 years of prison with the possibility of parole after twenty years.

Together with a Las Vegas domestic violence lawyer, the defendant has to present reliable pieces of evidence in court. This includes countless hours of research and evidence-gathering that a well-versed lawyer can perform.


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