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Knowing the Legal Steps of a DUI Case in Nevada


Never drink and drive. It’s one of the rules we learn while we were growing up. But not all of us are able to follow this common rule.  Some would drink and get arrested for DUI. There are different rules and regulations that would apply in different states for this. If in case that this happens to you or even to someone who you love, knowing the legal implications of this suit and the legal options available is a concern that you should be aware of.  Here is some of the basic information that you need to know.

Know the process when a DUI arrest happens – If you happen to get a DUI arrest in Las Vegas, there are two different proceedings that takes place here.  In the first stage of the process, a criminal case is one gets a citation from the arresting officer to appear in court at a later time where you can either appear personally in court or have your attorney attend the proceedings in your behalf.   The second half of the stage is where a DMV hearing is set to review for any possible cancellation of the driver’s license.

Finding the legal options available for the case – In both situations, the services of a DUI defense attorney is needed.  There are many law offices in the city that can provide the services that can tailor to one’s needs.  It would depend on the merits of the case that would help influence a person’s decision when choosing an attorney.

Working with your legal counsel during the case – At this phase of the case, it would be up to you and especially your lawyers in creating a viable defense and strategies in winning the case.  In some instances, the sobriety tests, that account of the police officer during the arrest may first appear as solid evidence, but some instances, this may not be the case.  In some situations, the lawyers can argue that the sobriety tests were not conducted property or the results may have been contaminated.  There was no probable cause for stopping the driver.   These are just some of the defense strategies that lawyers can use when working on the case.

Being aware of the implications of a DUI case can either help you or someone who you know.  This information might come in handy in the future.  Knowing the process of a DUI case, finding the right criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas and working this legal counsel in building up defense strategies for the case are some of the phases involved.

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