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Knowing The Process of Posting Bail in Las Vegas


If you someone in your family, or someone close to you gets arrested, it would be a very harrowing experience that no one would want to encounter. Whether it’s an arrest for DUI, domestic violence, or other more severe crimes, knowing the basics in posting bail should be something that you should know in case that this happens to someone you love.  Different states have different processes in posting bail especially in Las Vegas. Finding Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer is helpful in this situation. Here are some of the basic facts when going through the process of posting bail:

How does the process work?  When someone gets arrested, the courts would usually allow that person to abstain from serving time in a jail or detention center.  One can post bail for that person.  Posting bail is a pledge made to the court that the accused would not run away from their obligation until a date is set for a court hearing.  Not all states grants bail to the accused.  There are different amounts of bail depending on the offense made but in cases, judges can overrule these bail amounts and even deny the person from posting bail if they deem the person dangerous to the community.

How to post bail? –  If a person is relying on you to post the bail for them, there are many ways to post bail.  Bail can be paid in the form cash, check and sometimes by credit card.  But the most common form of posting bail is through bonds.  There are different companies that offer bail bonds especially in Las Vegas. However, it would still be best to ask for the company’s policy when securing bonds.  It’s also advisable to get a lawyer that would help in handling this process.

What happens after posting bail? – After the bail has been posted, the next step is to wait for the courts schedule for the hearing.  This would be the best time to discuss with the lawyer regarding facts of the case and defense strategies that can be used during the hearing.

When someone you close to you need help in posting bail, you have to know the basics of this process.  The first step is being aware of how the process when posting bail.  This would include the costs as different jail or detention centers might have different processes.  The next step is the actual process of posting bail.  Whether in cash or in bond, lawyers can also help in this second stage. Waiting for the court schedule of the hearing is the third stage where the further discussion between the lawyer and their client can be made.

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