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Knowing the Side of the Sexual Assault Perpetrator


People who commit sexual assault are easily judged by the society. There are even stereotype talk-abouts associated with the word sexual assault when in fact they don’t really define the real and complete story. Each and every offender has a different background; there is no typical or common profile among Sexual Assault Perpetrator. Hence, they have different reasons for committing the offense. With the help of a sexual assault lawyer, these reasons help determine whether they are guilty or not and if they are, the weight of punishment they will receive.

Emotional Suffering

Some offenders, because of too much emotional suffering from different kinds of problems, end up committing sexual assault. Most of the time, these people could not handle the pain anymore to the point that they release their agony through forcing another person to engage in sexual activities because they feel helpless. They are not in the right state of mind that’s why they become impulsive in their actions.

Knowing the Side of the Sexual Assault Perpetrator

Intense Alcohol Abuse

People who are extremely drunk are easily tempted to force someone to engage in a sexual activity with them. Their self control is at its lowest because they are high in alcohol content. Scenarios where alcohol is present is when a gang or group sexual assault most likely happens. The group would also likely to get the victim drunk in order to sexually abuse him/her. According to studies, intense alcohol abuse is also caused by emotional suffering from problems.

Pornography Exposure

Watching or reading pornographic materials tickle the mind of some people to the point that they also want to experience what they have watched. There are research that says pornography exposure adds risk to people’s sexual aggression. Because of too much desire to experience the same pleasure that the pornography showcases, some people get the urge to sexually assault a friend, an acquaintance, a family member, or even a total stranger.

Peer Pressure

Some people who became participants of sexual assault is caused by peer pressure. They could not say ‘no’ to their friends who would like to sexually harass, abuse or assault a person. However, these people also have to face the consequences despite the fact that they are not the mastermind of the offense.

If you are a person who has committed a sexual assault for any of these reasons, Contact a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas now that will help you get another chance to live the right way.

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