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Do DUI Apps work? Can they help me? – DUI Attorney Ross Goodman


People keep asking if DUI apps can help them in their drunk driving charge, so we checked around the web for info about these apparently helpful apps.

What are DUI Apps?

DUI apps can be downloaded for smart devices from app stores like Google Play and Apple Store. While there are many of them, each have their own unique features and they can be classified into two types: tracking apps, and avoidance apps.

Tracking App.

This is the most common application out there. Their main feature is their ability to track the user’s state of inebriety through several methods. For example, some apps have a breathalyzer device included that can measure your BAC level. Their developers claim that it’s almost as accurate as the ones police are equipped with. Other apps track the amount of drinks you’ve already had, deriving your estimated blood alcohol content from the data you’ve inputted. It takes into account other information like your age, height, gender, and weight in its calculations to get a more precise reading.

Some apps track your drunkenness by examining your eye movement or performing motor skill and reaction speed tests. The inexpensive ones, however, just show what symptoms you should be experiencing at a certain level of inebriety.

Additional features were included with these apps to make them even more useful. A few follow your drinking habits and haunts, then making status updates on Facebook or Twitter to notify your friends. Speed dials to taxi companies and your trusted and on-call DUI attorney are sometimes added, as well as instructions on what to do just in case you are arrested.

Avoidance App.

This app notifies the user about DUI checkpoints occurring in the general area so they can avoid these checkpoints and take an alternative route. They use data from what the police released or through crowdsourcing, so this app is somewhat legal. Some critics are clamoring to have them removed because they consider this app morally questionable and encourage drivers to commit DUI much more frequently.

The conclusion: Possibly helpful

DUI apps can be definitely useful if you remain responsible with your drinking. Even if you’re armed with one of these apps, it’s still important to follow laws, have your wits about you, and have a drunk driving lawyer ready. These apps have some use in court, although they will likely be inadmissible as evidence or even used against you. Still, they’re better than nothing as long as you’re aware of your limits.


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