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Definition of a few common criminal terms


Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer Ross Goodman defines a few criminal terms used frequently in criminal defense:


Also known as a lawyer. A person who studies how the law works and offers their services and knowledge to clients.

Criminal Charge

Criminal charges are the accusations made by a civilian or a member of the government authority accusing that the person in question has committed a crime/violation.


A lighter criminal offense; repetitive misdemeanor offense can be upgraded to a felony.


A felony means it is a serious criminal offense. Offenders who committed a felony usually receives harsher punishments and longer sentences.

Miranda Rights

The Miranda Rights (or Miranda Warning) is given by the police to a suspect before they are interrogated. Its purpose is to preserve their rights against incriminating themselves.


Driving Under the Influence. This is having conscious control of a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level equaling or going over the BAC limit.


Blood alcohol concentration. Also called blood alcohol content, blood ethanol concentration or blood alcohol level. It is the amount of alcohol that your body contains at the time they made the analysis. It’s illegal to reach a certain percentage when driving in Nevada.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is using violence or force against a family member or a partner, either through physical, emotional or mental means.


The event when the accused has to defend himself against the accusations made against him.


The defendant’s answer to the allegations made against him.


The person who oversees the court and in charge for handing out the sentences.


A group of randomly chosen people that analyzes the evidence presented by the plaintiff and the defendant, then decides the verdict.


The person who made a formal accusation against a suspect.


The person who is accused of a crime.


The judgement made upon the defendant by the judge or the jury.


Bail allows the accused to go free before going to trial using some form of collateral. Failing to appear before court while on bail will be brought up on additional criminal charges of failure to appear.


Transferring a person to the state or location where they specifically committed a crime so they can be tried by the court there.


The penalty as ordered by the court to punish the convicted for the crimes that they committed if they are found guilty, or if they plead nolo contendere or no contest.


A holding facility for people to carry out their prison sentences.


If charged with any of these crimes, contact a criminal defense attorney for a legal counsel.

The early release of a prisoner if he agrees to the conditions set by the parole board.  Taken from

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