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How to Take Care on the Road This Holiday Season – Avoid Drunk Driving-related Injuries


Avoid Drunk Driving-related Injuries

Holidays are a great time to have fun, however in the past few years drinking and driving incidents in Las Vegas have increased especially during the holidays. Have fun this coming New Year‘s Eve, but also try to be safe. Here are few tips to avoid drunk driving-related injuries this holiday season.


DUI accidents/arrests have increased throughout the country during New Year’s Eve celebrations last year (70 crashes, 23 DUI arrests and 553 citations issued during 2 day New Year’s Eve celebration in one state alone).
Crackdowns on DUI and all road incidents (increase of DUI checkpoints and heightened alerts for all state troopers for drunk driving) in the holiday season have netted more than a 1000 arrests just in the state of California last year.
It is no surprise that the number of roadside incidents will significantly increase during big holidays such as New Year’s Eve.
Reports have stated that alcohol consumption is at its peak on big occasions such as the holidays.


  • Set limits
    When invited out to drink be responsible and set limits on how many drinks you will have and stick to it. Getting a trip to jail/ER is not worth the trouble “a few more drinks” can give you.
  • Learn to say “No”
    Saying “no thanks” is not that hard. Repel the urge to drink on social events.  There is more fun to be had in the holidays than being drunk.
  • Drink alternatives

There are non-alcoholic beverages that can satisfy you and your friends when you’ve had your limit on alcoholic drinks.

  • Set a designated driver
    Always appoint a person in your group as the designated driver.

Always remember that the holidays are meant to be fun and spent with family and loved ones. Do not ruin yours by being irresponsible with alcohol. You might pay by spending the rest of your vacation in jail with a Las Vegas DUI defense lawyer or even in the emergency room.

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