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DUI in Nevada: Protecting Yourself from Drunk Drivers


Drunk drivers or people driving under the influence (DUI) can pose a great threat to everyone as their very action could cause damages to properties and loss of lives. This is why it is imperative for you, as a pedestrian or a driver, to be vigilant for these kind of people as there will always be a possibility of you being the victim or the one falsely accused of Nevada DUI.

Know that drunk driving in Nevada holds some of the heaviest consequences in the State, especially if injuries or deaths are involved. Read this article to learn how to protect yourself in case you get entangled with it in the future.

What are the signs of someone under the influence of alcohol?

Due to the increased blood alcohol content (BAC) level, drunk drivers usually drive erratically. Sudden stops, swerving out of the blue, navigating the road without headlights, and driving without a clear direction are all signs that a driver is impaired.

While this is so, not many sober drivers have the time to deduce if the driver they are sharing the road with is actually committing Nevada DUI. So, the best caution one could take is following traffic and pedestrian rules, keeping a safe distance from the suspicious driver, or alerting the authorities.

What can you do and what can you not?

However, if you are sure that someone is drunk driving in Nevada by their unpredictable way of operating the vehicle, one thing you could do is drive defensively. This could mean you honking your horn, flashing your lights, or any action that would catch the drunk driver’s attention.

Do not try to stop the vehicle of the drunk driver. What you could do instead is follow them and track their every move as you call the police. You should also not try to confront the drunk driver if they stopped as they could still be dangerous.

What if you are the drunk driver in a Nevada DUI?

One way to protect yourself from drunk driving is by avoiding consuming any alcohol before or while driving. Another benefit of doing this is if there is an actual drunk driver, you would be able to keep yourself and your passengers away from harm as you have sound judgment.

If drinking is inevitable, especially if you are coming from a party in Las Vegas, it is best that you ask someone to be your designated driver.

Nevada DUI accidents are actually “100% avoidable” as what Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department believes, it is just that safe driving is not as valued these days until someone gets charged or involved in a grisly accident.

What are the defenses against false accusations of Nevada drunk driving?

If you are accused of Nevada drunk driving, there are certain defenses that you can use if ever the case goes into trial. Some of them are the following:

  • You were not drunk: your BAC level did not exceed the designated limit
  • You were driving out of duress: some drivers drive hastily and seemingly without regard to others because it is an emergency or they were under threat
  • You were mistaken as the drunk driver
  • You were unlawfully stopped by another driver or a police officer without you actually guilty of Nevada DUI

Nevada DUI is costly. If you are a driver, understand that your drunk driving actions could end a life abruptly and could mean years spent behind bars. Everyone has the right to fight for what they think is right and some alleged drunk drivers are actually innocent of the crime. A Las Vegas DUI attorney should help you in this regard. Find a reputable one now to successfully contest Nevada drunk driving charges!

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