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Community Service in Nevada as a DUI Punishment


Apart from jail times and fines that amount to thousands of dollars, there is another consequence when convicted of DUI (Driving under the Influence) called community service in Nevada. Depending on the magnitude of the charges, this could either be an alternative to the prison time or an additional penalty that needs to be accomplished. If you are facing an apparent DUI conviction, know that it is not too late. With the right approach, you might just avoid the charges, including the community service.

What is the legal definition of community service in Nevada?

According to the Nevada Revised Statutes or NRS section 176.087, community service in Nevada is a mandatory criminal penalty that can be brought down by the court during certain situations:

  • In lieu of all or a part of any fine or imprisonment that may be imposed for the commission of a misdemeanor
  • As a condition of probation granted for another offense

The section also states that the community service must only be done under the designated authority of the county or city in the State of Nevada where the defendant was charged. And depending on the level of offense, the person must complete the following hours:

  • 200 hours for misdemeanor
  • 600 hours for gross misdemeanor
  • 1,000 hours for felony

These hours are not paid and the defendant must pay for an insurance against liabilities in case they get injured during the community service.

What happens during a community service?

What people do during community service is exactly what you think: you will have go to certain communities to perform tasks in service to its inhabitants. These are usually cleaning up highways or driveways, contributing to local animal shelters, or working for charity foundations. A person is only limited to eight hours of work and they are required to fulfill their responsibilities and not laze around. You can learn all about community service in Nevada by government websites dedicated to provide its information.

When should I expect a community service for a DUI?

Community services are usually a part of all DUI convictions, right from the first DUI, but they are also typically only an option by the court to be exchanged for a time behind bars. Most of the time, defendants are imposed with up to six months of jail instead of just community service. However, this could change if the elements of DUI is not very harsh or if the case was reduced to traffic violation.

Other criminal charges that normally has the community service option are domestic violence, theft, malicious mischief, and more.

How do you avoid community service in Nevada?

When convicted, you must adhere to the rules of community service set by the court unless you want to be punished further. If you fail to complete the community service for DUI, the court could either enforce the charges that were actually meant for you or include additional penalties. Having not enough time is not an excuse when it comes to community services. You could ask for extra hours in the court which they must grant gladly.

Now, the only way that you could avoid a potential community service for DUI is by being acquitted of your charges and this could only happen if you have strong defenses. A standard DUI is usually countered by the following charges:

  • No DUI
  • Your BAC or blood alcohol concentration level did not reach 0.08%
  • Mistaken identity
  • Faulty sobriety tests

A community service in Nevada might be the most lax punishment a court could give. You help the community and you learn discipline in the process. However, not everyone is accepting of it as being charged with it means a criminal record. To guarantee that this will not happen, get the defense provided by a Las Vegas DUI lawyer now!

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