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No Bond in Domestic Violence


Cases like domestic violence in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada can be posted with a bail. This is to release anyone who is under the detention of law enforcement through temporary freedom. However, this is realized only once the defendant and the legal defense sees a first judge appearance. It is then there decided if bail will be permitted or ultimately declined. But there are cases when there is no bond in domestic violence.

On this article, we learn more about posting bail, what could mean if it is held as a no bond in a domestic violence charge, and what you can do about it.

Understanding domestic violence bail bonds

Posting of bail is usually what happens after an arrest and there only are a handful criminal cases which are allowed to be posted with a standard bail immediately and they are usually the misdemeanor offenses. Before this happens, a bail hearing must commence first and can only be successful if the defendant vows to come back to face the trials.

One must know that bail and bond are actually two different things albeit their only difference is where the money comes from and its endgame once the case is settled. A bail is directly from your pocket and can be returned to you after the case while a bond is money or property pledged by a bondsman. However, for a no bond situation, both terms are interchangeable meaning you cannot post bail or a bond unless stated otherwise by the court.

The bond amount for domestic violence depends on the heaviness of the charges. In Nevada, if it is a misdemeanor, the payment to settle would probably be around $3,000 while a second domestic violence offense would be at least $5,000 and a third offense most likely be $15,000.

Reasons why a bail bond is denied

Serious charges such as murder and/or battery with a deadly weapon are prime reasons why a judge will employ a no bond to certain domestic violence cases. Apart from the severity of your alleged offense, judges also consider the flight risk of the defendant and if he or she was previously sentenced.

Bails are meant to give limited freedom to the alleged offender and the court cannot risk that especially if the defendant is a hazard that could cause violence in the areas of Las Vegas.

Steps to take about a no bond domestic violence case

First off, if you are arrested in Las Vegas or any other places in Nevada, it is best to work with a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to know about your bail rights and what you can do to waive them.

If you are charged with domestic violence and worried that you would not be able to avoid initial jail time, always remember that domestic violence charges are meant to have no bonds available for them until a first judge appearance occurs.

You can say that bail bonds are granted through negotiations at the bail hearing. This is why you need the presence of a criminal defense attorney. They know their way around and if you happen to get someone that has considerable influence then you can get a good bond arrangement. Still, this is not a guarantee and if your domestic violence case has elements of sexual assault, injury, or even death, what your criminal defense attorney can only do is help you acquit of the charges.

If the bail works out for you, know that once you are granted with it and chooses not to attend the trials, the court will have enough reason to set up for your arrest and this time, bail bonds might not work at all.

Bail can only help someone gain provisional freedom so they can work better with the case and avoid the stigma that can be attached to them. What happens after an arrest could mean the result of the case so the moment you are arrested for domestic violence, call up your domestic violence attorney to ensure that you get through a no bond in domestic violence situation and eventually get out of the case unscathed!

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