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Nevada Marijuana Laws of 2019


Marijuana usage has been legal in Nevada since 2016 but the recent changes of laws regarding it have made the implementations both lenient and stricter in a way. On this post, we will look at the Nevada marijuana laws of 2019 to learn what is allowed and what is not and what violations could get you charged in the State.

The legality of marijuana in Nevada

Marijuana is a Schedule I substance in Nevada. While still considered as a narcotic by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and not completely recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is still issued as medicinal and can also be purchased and used for recreation in the State.

According to the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 453A, anyone who is 21 years of age and can present a proof of identification can buy marijuana from legal dispensaries. At least a single ounce can be bought for recreational use while people who need it for medicinal purposes can purchase up to 2.5 ounces. Take note that when it is for medicine, there is no age limit of who can obtain marijuana as long as a valid medical card is shown.

Growing cannabis plant where marijuana comes from is also legal according to Nevada marijuana laws but of course under certain regulations. As written in the same NRS Chapter as previously mentioned, a person can only cultivate 12 cannabis plants. Going beyond the limit could lead to a category E felony.

After its approval to being legal in 2016, Nevada had joined nine other states and Washington, D.C. where the substance is allowed for procurement and consumption for adults at least 21 years of age.

The recent developments of Nevada marijuana laws

Legalization of marijuana is fairly new which is why laws are still being adjusted and the community is still grasping on how to implement it.

Back in 2018, a stronger focus on how marijuana businesses should label, sell, store, and overall handle marijuana is enforced by the Nevada Tax Commission. Here, businesses are required to undergo training to learn essential marijuana information such as how should it be presented and how should it be priced.

This year, after a deliberation of the already established laws, many proposals on how to improve marijuana system in Nevada emerged. One is the transparency of the Nevada Department of Taxation of the criteria of licenses given to dispensaries. Another is to include fees for marijuana for homeless programs as well as the nation giving a free hand to make cannabis market easier to operate without the fear of federal criminal interference. Las Vegas cannabis lounges to help users avoid incrimination for smoking in public should also be expected to be realized this year.

Amidst this news, marijuana laws in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada remains the same. You can read about official Nevada marijuana laws for further information.

The responsibilities of a user

Marijuana use is still under particular terms and conditions despite its State-wide legality. First, you cannot smoke marijuana in public. NRS 453D.400 states that anyone “who smokes or otherwise consumes marijuana in a public place, in a retail marijuana store, or in a moving vehicle is guilty of a misdemeanor”. And no this does not include hotel rooms or other closed-off areas unless you own the property. This misdemeanor charge has penalties of a fine of not more than $600.

Buying from other markets aside from authorized dispensaries is also prohibited by Nevada marijuana laws, as well as carrying 50 pounds or more. This can be labeled as drug trafficking and you can be charged with category C felony which includes up to five years of prison time and $25,000 in fines.

Trafficking marijuana charges can also be a federal violation. You cannot cross state lines while carrying marijuana on yourself or on your vehicle despite marijuana being legal in both states you are going across. When caught, you will be facing grave consequences and can also be charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) penalties. Now if you are already facing Nevada DUI marijuana charges, you need the aid of a DUI defense lawyer in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada to help alleviate you or completely rid you of the allegations.

With these firm Nevada cannabis laws, you should know that no matter how permissive Nevada is on marijuana on the State, you should not be reckless about its use. Doing so might lead you to criminal charges. Marijuana is already approved for recreation. Do not spoil it by violating the law.

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