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Las Vegas EDC 2017 Highlights


The famous Electronic Daisy Carnival has yet again treated its attendees last weekend to a three-day series of vibrant electronic musical shows, joined together by performances and attractions with the same aesthetic.

Established in 1997, Electronic Daisy Carnival has been providing the partygoers since then the best three days they’ll never forget. This 2017, EDC was held from June 16th to June 18th where it has once again proved to be nothing short of a boisterous event, amassing around 136,000 on its first night – a thousand greater than last year’s. Altogether, EDC accumulated 400,000 attendees, which really shows that there’s really something about EDC.

Let’s have a quick recap by taking a look on this year’s highlights. Now, what happens in Vegas just sometimes may not stay in Vegas.

Off to a Rocky Start

Like any other big music festivals, problems are sure to be encountered. On the first day, Already Insomniac Productions (the team behind EDC) has been bombarded by several complaints from attendees about long lines at the entry gates, and the struggle of enduring hours just to get to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, due to the congested traffic and parking dilemmas.

Knowing Las Vegas, heat is certainly not a factor to dismiss. Combine it with the psychedelic effects of the dizzying lights and visuals, collapse incidents are not far from happening. Apparently, around 400 medical emergency calls were made on the first day due to people losing consciousness.

Insomniac Productions director Pasquale Rotella immediately made quick responses trying to amend everything. True enough, EDC provided many amenities for the comfort of the attendees such as water stations, lost and found centers, and even personal lockers with chargers on them.

The Show Must Go On

With these things already at hand, the festival still went on with a blaze. Like the usual, EDC is bolstered with different attractions: first, multiple stages dispersed around the field such as the fire breathing bassPOD and the apocalypse-themed wasteland; and second, several artists rocked their sets out like first day’s Excision, Zedd, and Marshmello.

The second day featured the likes of Tatiana, Hazen and Nightstalker while more prominent artists like Kaskade, DJ Khaled and Drake performed on the third day.

Electronic Daisy Carnival sure lived up to its name as it offered many high octane rides for everyone to enjoy – all while float parades and surreal art pieces filled the grounds. Entertainers like dancers and circus performers joined in too to amp up the atmosphere.

And as the atmosphere escalated, it’s was only a matter of time before the attendees started to pop illegal drugs. More so, with illegal drugs. In the state of Nevada, drug defense lawyers are in demand as illegal drug use is strictly prohibited. On EDC’s first day, 29 people were arrested for drug felony charges, the second day counted up for a lower number of people arrested which is 27, while the last day’s arrest rate climbed up to 34 coupled with four DUI charges.

Party Drugs

The most common party drugs are in the form of Ecstasy, Meth, and Cocaine. Hallucinogens such as LSD and marijuana are pretty popular among partygoers, too.

These party drugs give the user a feeling of elatedness and nonstop energy, thus a perfect fit for parties that last until the morning. The effects of these drugs are short lived but their serious health risks can last a lifetime.

Party drugs, when used excessively can cost someone’s life. Kenani Kaimuloa, an EDC 2016 attendee died due to what’s been ruled out as severe drug use and heatstroke.

Defense against Drug Arrest

If you happen to be arrested for a drug charge in the Electronic Daisy Carnival festival or similar event, here are some things you can do to defend yourself, especially if you’re wrongly accused.

  • Rule out unlawful search and seizure
  • Counter that the drugs doesn’t belong to you
  • Claim that the evidence has been planted
  • Make use of your right to remain silent
  • Seek help from a trusted drug defense lawyer

A music festival like the successful Electronic Daisy Carnival is a great way to gather different kinds of people on a few nights of raving party where varying views are kicked to the curb and what only reigns is fun. However, it’s easy to be carried away and break laws like illegal drug use. A few hours of pleasure isn’t worth it if you’ll be jeopardized in the end!

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