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Abuse, exploitation or isolation of older persons and vulnerable persons Part 1: Legal Definition


The domestic violence law in Nevada is focused  on old and vulnerable persons. According to NRS 200.5091, “It is the policy of this State to provide for the cooperation of law enforcement officials, courts of competent jurisdiction and all appropriate state agencies providing human services in identifying the abuse, neglect, exploitation and isolation of older persons and vulnerable persons through the complete reporting of abuse, neglect, exploitation and isolation of older persons and vulnerable persons”

Let us interpret the important factors in this definition:

  • Older Person

A person who is 60 years or older

  • Vulnerable person

A person who is 18 years old and above who suffers from a physical or mental condition that restricts him from doing normal activities.

Elderly woman – Chalmers Butterfield

  • Abuse

This is the unjustified and willful infliction of mental anguish, injury, or pain. It is also the deprivation of shelter, clothing, services, food, or anything that is required for mental and physical health maintenance.

  • Exploitation

Any action done by a person whom the old and vulnerable person trusts. It is also the use of the power of attorney to gain control of or to convert the money, assets or properties, and use it as his/her own. The actions should be done with the intention to permanently take the money, assets or properties and use it to his or her own benefit.

  • Isolation

This is the intentional, malicious, and willful act to prevent an older person or vulnerable person from having contact with another person. Our Nevada law named the specific actions that pertain to isolation. These actions include:

(Note* the term person pertains to the older/vulnerable person):

  • Prohibiting the person to receive mails, emails, or phone calls.
  • Preventing the person to entertain guests or visitors.
  • Restricting the person to meet-up with another person.
  • Telling lies to the caller or visitor that the person is not present.


This is the failure to provide food, shelter, clothing, care or anything that is deemed necessary for the maintenance of physical or mental health of the person.

Charged with Domestic Violence against older or vulnerable persons?

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