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What do the police look for in domestic violence cases?


In every domestic violence case, it is the job of the police to identify the aggressor as soon as they arrive at the scene. Due to the dangerous and difficult nature of domestic violence cases, they will arrest the person that is the most likely aggressor. Remember the reasons listed below because it may be essential in your criminal defense.

The role of the police is finding the aggressor

The police can identify the aggressor by collecting evidence, such as: taking statements from both parties, observing the area, checking if one of them has a history of abuse, and taking note of their injuries (i.e. bloodied knuckles, scratches, bruises, etc.). If there are any witnesses, they will collect info from them as well.

Who is injured?

Physical injury is a reliable indicator of domestic abuse – it is very hard to miss, unless the victim is attempting to hide their injuries. The seriousness of the injury also plays an important part in their decision, and the police will also look for physical evidence like damage to the surroundings, and the use of weapons.

While injuries are a good indicator if someone is a victim, oftentimes, it’s actually complicated. They cannot simply state that it is a case of self-defense because the uninjured party may be the one committing the abuse, or the injured party could have inflicted harm on themselves to implicate their partner. It is also plausible that the whole matter was just an accident.

Who is lying?

One or both parties may be lying to protect themselves or each other. They can find out who is telling the truth by taking their statements and seeking out contradictions, and collecting testimonies from witnesses.

Who are the witnesses?

Witnesses can provide the police with extremely useful information, which can mean the difference between getting a conviction, or a not guilty verdict. However, witnesses are still people, and the police are cautious to determine if their testimonies are reliable because they may recall the events differently or lie themselves.

How recent is the alleged abuse?

The police takes into account if the aggressor has a history of committing domestic or other forms of abuse, making it more likely for the police to arrest them.

Contact a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney

If you have been arrested, please contact a Las Vegas domestic violence attorney. This is critical, they have already labeled you the aggressor and you will soon face domestic violence charges, if not already.

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