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False reporting of a crime in Las Vegas


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It is the duty of every citizen to report any crimes to the police as soon as they happen; however, it is illegal to make false reports under any reason. This article will explain the definition of false reporting of crimes and its penalties.


False reporting of a crime(under NRS 207.280)is prohibited in Nevada because it is a waste of precious time, resources, and manpower, and to prevent anyone from taking advantage of the police to carry out acts of revenge or pranks. However, it is only illegal if the “crime” was actually reported to recognized law enforcement personnel like police officers, sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, district attorneys, deputy district attorneys, as well as the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

Good examples of false reporting are the numerous false reports regarding domestic violence in Las Vegas, which is a commonly claimed defense in many cases.


Your criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas NV has a variety of defenses to use against allegations of false reporting:

  • False reporting is only illegal if the accused is aware that their report is false. This means if the defendant made a mistake or genuinely believes that they are making a real report, but it turns out that there was nothing at all to worry about, they cannot be held accountable by the law.
  • False reporting is illegal if the police actually took the time to investigate the alleged false report. If the defense can show evidence that the police did not commence the investigation, the charges should be dismissed.
  • The prosecution has to present enough evidence and have a good case to convict the victim. Failing to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant has committed the crime means the defendant should be acquitted of the charge.


False reporting of crimes is a misdemeanor. It carries the following penalties if the defendant is found guilty:

  • Can be held in jail for up to six months
  • Can be fined up to a maximum of $1,000

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