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What to do if you were arrested for domestic violence? – Domestic Violence Attorney Ross Goodman


As domestic violence cases can quickly get complicated for anyone involved, it is important to take note on what to do just in case you were being arrested for domestic violence. Call a Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney for complex cases like this.

Keep calm

No matter what happens, keep calm when talking to the police, especially when making any official statements. Being calm shows that you are still thinking rationally and seem more reasonable, and your state of calmness will be added to the report. You may have to spend a night in jail even if the police can see that you are most likely the victim, but please, just cooperate and keep calm.

Cooperate, but do not admit anything to the police

Remember that anything you say can be used as evidence. Cooperate with the police as much as possible, except when they are telling you to admit to the alleged crime. If they are accusing you, do not admit to anything they say, and simply state that it is untrue and you are willing to defend yourself. If they made a written statement for you, read it very carefully, and check if everything in it is correct. If it’s not, do not sign it, and ask to make another one.

arrested for domestic violence

Show them evidence that supports your defense, if any

Any evidence should be shown to the police as soon as possible. Videos, pictures and recording before, during or after the incident will be immensely useful. Evidence of harm or injury to you or any of your family members (bruises or ruined clothing) also counts. Damage to personal belongings and property like furniture, appliances, walls are also useful evidence that can be submitted. Threatening messages through phone, email or answering machines can also be included as evidence to support your case.

When talking to the police, ask the officers for their names and write them down

This information can be used to contact them if you have any questions, or have some additional information to add to the police report. Note that police officers have to give this information. If you are unsatisfied with the way they are handling the case, talk with their supervisor.

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