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Got a Driving Arrest Warrant? Know the Legal Details in Las Vegas


Whether tourist or local, a lot of people do get an arrest warrant in the Sin City. From minor misdemeanors to major felonies with heavy restrictions, each case is different and would need the experience of an attorney. If you ever find yourself in a legal bind, here are some of the things that you can keep in mind when faced with an arrest warrant.

Know the detail behind the arrest warrant – The first step that you would need to know for the arrest warrant is the root cause.  Would this the result of parking ticket that you might have missed or a citation that you failed to appear to?  This could be some of the reasons why the arrest warrant was issued by the courts.  Knowing the reason why the arrest warrant was issued to could be beneficial to you at the course of these legal proceedings.

Know the effects of an arrest warrant – In the case of a traffic ticket, an arrest warrant may be issued to law enforcement agencies and to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.  The court can also notify the following organizations of unpaid fines that you have. This might cause further trouble for you and possibly get you pulled over when driving and be taken into custody by a police officer for an outstanding bench warrant issued by the judge.  This might also get your license suspended by the DMV. For traffic ticketing cases in Las Vegas, NV get in touch with lawyer Ross Goodman for help.

Know how to have the warrant quashed – In case of a driving arrest warrant, the question that would probably run through your mind is if it’s possible to have this recalled or quashed?  This would depend on your Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer. They can either file for a motion that would schedule a date with the courts to quash the warrant.  During this time, though, the arrest warrant may still be reinforced until it is formally quashed.

[Tweet “In Las Vegas, whether you are a resident or tourist, there is a possibility of getting an arrest warrant for driving. “]There are different complications that you would encounter and it would be best to know the legal detail of such arrest warrants.  Knowing what is the cause of the warrant, knowing its effects and the knowing the ways of having the warrant recalled or quashed might come in handy for you in the future.

Contact a trusted criminal defense lawyer for a legal counsel about arrest warrant.


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