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Drug Possession and Trafficking Overview


Drug possession is one of the most common crimes committed by criminals all over the world. Minors are usually not an exemption to these crimes because they are actually the ones who commonly commit crimes involving drugs. Possession of illegal drugs could be subject to a legal trial especially if an individual was caught on act distributing, carrying or buying drugs from or to another person. In fact, simply possessing a single or multiple drugs that are classified illegal can make you an eligible suspect for this type of case. This article will discuss facts about this crime and if possible, provide some options and possible procedures that could be undertaken.

As an overview about crimes involving drugs, there will normally be sanctions that will be stated by the court and these sanctions can vary depending on several factors. First factor would be the type of drug. Illegal drugs can be classified into certain categories and the more strictly prohibited one is, the heavier the sentence could be. Another factor that could influence the weight of the sentence would be of course, the amount of drugs. It would be logical to think that the more drugs that sold, bought or consumed, the heavier the sentence could be. However, a person could only be classified as a possessor of drugs if he or she has direct physical contact with the said substance and if he is conscious about the possession.

It may be a good idea to include the said factors in your criminal defense preparations so that you and your lawyer will be prepared to entertain questions pertaining to such. Being able to answer questions like these could have a positive impact especially if truth is on your side and you have a good lawyer, stating the truths and evidences by your side too.

It may happen also that the drug possession case being accused to you is false. In that case, you would really need a good drug crime lawyer so that you could defend your rights and not suffer from the possible sanctions that may be sentenced to you, should you be proven guilty. Just to give you an idea about the possible sanctions for this type of crime, these ranges from making you pay a certain amount of fine up to a prison or rehabilitation sentence. The jurisdiction can also be a factor whether you will just pay a fine or a prison sentence.

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