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Trusted Defense For Las Vegas Criminal Cases

What a Las Vegas DUI Lawyer can Do for First-Time Defendants


When dealing with a DUI charge in Las Vegas, you can either hire a general criminal defender or choose to represent yourself in court. While passable, these steps are not the ideal way to face your charges. Your first priority is always to look for a veteran DUI defense attorney to handle your case with you.

If you are facing a possible DUI conviction for the first time (or any other kind of charge, for that matter), looking for a defense lawyer with specializations in particular offenses may seem like a hassle compared to hiring general legal practitioners. However, specialist DUI attorneys in Las Vegas can do things for your case that only they are capable of. Some of these unique features are listed below.

Knowledge of the Courts

People facing DUI charges for the first time will have little to no knowledge of how the local courts operate and handle such cases. They don’t know what the judge or the jury does when in a DUI hearing, for instance.

A veteran DUI lawyer has extensive experience in working at the local courts. They know the ins and outs of DUI hearings, and understand how the judge and jury think during a case. Thanks to this experience, DUI lawyers can know when the courts will come down hard on their client and can provide the appropriate response for such tough situations.

Dealing with Prosecutors

DUI cases are a particular point of interest for the city’s prosecutors because of how it touches on Las Vegas’ reputation as a nightlife hub and its history of drinking-related accidents and deaths. As such, they can get particularly testy when they’re dealing with a DUI defendant. It can be extremely overwhelming for a first-timer to face such prosecutors, especially if they already have a reputation for being ruthless when dealing with defendants.

With a veteran DUI lawyer, a defendant can expect a smoother exchange between parties. Both lawyers have already engaged each other in multiple hearings in the past, and have an understanding of how each operates. Your lawyer can handle the specifics of explaining why the prosecution acts the way it is during a hearing and help you deal with them effectively. In cases where a conviction is inevitable, a DUI attorney can negotiate properly with the prosecution on a plea deal that is appropriate to your circumstances, giving you the best result out of a tough spot.

The Value of Silence

You as a defendant may be called up to the witness stand to relate your version of the alleged crime. This is often considered a double-edged sword, as the prosecution can find loopholes in your statements that they can use to pin further to the charge. Navigating the prosecution’s possible questions–or whether or not to take the chance to take the witness stand at all–can be difficult without proper guidance.

With a Las Vegas DUI lawyer at your side, you have someone who knows when it’s time to keep quiet about the charges pointed against you. They can advise you when you can or cannot take the stand during the hearing, and whether or not you should speak freely about your case at all. These lawyers understand the concept of ‘using your own words’ against you, and are vigilant in ensuring that you do not speak out of turn.

Keeping to a Schedule

Courts are public entities, and are related to the government system. Like the rest of the organs of government, courts have papers, affidavits, and documents that need to be filed before a deadline in order for things to function properly. In the case of a criminal hearing, the defendant is expected to submit documents or request files related to his case but only within a limited period of time.

With a Las Vegas DUI lawyer at your side, you have little to fear from missing filing deadlines. They know schedules by habit thanks to helping similar clients with their own document filings and requests in the past. If you are at risk of missing the last day of filing, your lawyer will make an effort to remind you while emphasizing the importance of said documents to your case.

Expunging Convictions

Sometimes even the best DUI lawyer can’t keep you away from a strong case leading to a conviction. The best you can expect is either to appeal your sentence, enter a plea deal with the court, or have your conviction expunged after a period of time. If you are less confident about the possible outcomes of an appeal hearing and you failed to secure a plea bargain that meets the needs of both parties, requesting for a conviction expungement is your only choice.

Data expungement for criminal convictions vary by state, and in some cases each county, city or town can have their own specific rulings for such a motion. Thankfully, DUI attorneys in Las Vegas have extensive knowledge when it comes to the local requirements for data expungement thanks to their knowledge of how the local courts work. They can effectively navigate the legal hurdles needed before a conviction can be expunged from your records, and can provide insight on the actions long-term effects on your personal and professional life.

Facing a DUI charge for the first time can be daunting, and some may find the need for a DUI lawyer over a public defender to be a financial hassle. However, a trusted DUI lawyer in Las Vegas can better handle the ins and outs of your case, helping you avoid the added costs related to a conviction in the long run. When it comes to getting the best possible outcome for your DUI case, it always helps to seek a dedicated DUI attorney.

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