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Whitney is one of the Las Vegas Valley’s smaller unincorporated towns. For a time, however, it used to be part of a network of major thoroughfares that were a vital part of Las Vegas’s road network before the city’s expansion. Even today, Whitney’s roads a\are used by drivers going through and from key locations like Henderson or Las Vegas. Unfortunately, these roads can also see one or two cases of drunk drivers.

Whitney has significant traffic coming through the area because of its old road network. Law enforcement officers are keen on preventing any instances of fatal crashes due to DUI, which can lead to you being charged with a Whitney DUI case even if you were not in the wrong. In such situations, contacting a veteran DUI defense attorney for Whitney would be a good step to take.

Law Enforcement in Whitney

Whitney falls under the jurisdiction of the Eighth Judicial District of Clark County; as such, it shares laws and rules with Las Vegas city proper. It falls under the jurisdiction of both the Municipal Court and the Justice court. If a complaint is severe enough, however, the case may be transferred to the Clark County District Court for further deliberation.

Individuals facing DUI charges in Whitney are mostly held at the City of Las Vegas Detention Center. Local law enforcement offices are also located in the same general area.

Possible DUI Offenses in Whitney

As Whitney is in the same jurisdiction as the city of Las Vegas, it generally shares the same kind of DUI offenses that one can possibly face. As a rural location with plenty of open roads, law enforcement would be vigilantly keeping an eye out for drivers who would take advantage of periods of low traffic. Typical DUI offenses include:

  • First DUI
  • Second DUI
  • Third DUI
  • Felony DUI
  • DUI and Prescription medication
  • DUI with Marijuana
  • Underage DUI

Related DUI cases also include:

  • Breathalyzer tests
  • Breath Interlock Devices
  • Consumption of inebriating substances while behind the wheel
  • Distracted Driving

Get in Touch with Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney for Whitney NV DUI Defense

Don’t take a DUI charge lightly. Get in touch with a DUI lawyer that you are sure will provide you with the best possible defense to help you out. In this regard, Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney is your best bet.

Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney, owned by veteran Las Vegas DUI attorney Ross C. Goodman, Esq., has built up a reputation for handling DUI, domestic violence, and other serious criminal cases for a multitude of clients for over 20 years. Whether it’s lighter misdemeanor DUI charges or more severe felony DUI complaints, Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney will be there to provide solid, personalized defense services for clients like you. He will work with you to ensure that your case is properly addressed and handled, and all parts of the story are explored, so that the results of the trial will be in your favor.

Visit his office today, or get in touch via phone or email, so he can discuss your Whitney DUI case with you.

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