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Sunrise Manor Felony Defense Attorney – Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney


Sunrise Manor is the typical suburban neighborhood that stands in contrast to the bustling cosmopolitan feel of The Strip. It may come as a surprise to outsiders that the community is affected by a high crime rate, however. For instance, a Sunrise Manor local can potentially be entangled in a felony case.

Felony charges are no small matter; even being merely accused of committing felony in Sunrise Manor can have an adverse effect on someone’s life and career far beyond the reaches of the town. To avoid a bleak future ahead, it is wise to have a trusted felony defense attorney helping out with your case.

Enforcing Felony Laws in Sunrise Manor

Sunrise Manor falls under the jurisdiction of the Eighth Judicial District of Clark County; as such, it shares laws and rules with Las Vegas. For most cases, the Municipal Court takes over. However, cases can be handed over to the Justice Court if the complaint already warrants a felony. It can even be elevated to the Clark County District Court if the charge is far too severe.

A person suspected of committing felony crimes in Sunrise Manor would be held in Las Vegas Detention Center just a short distance away from the courts, unless the accused manages to post bail. Local law enforcement offices are also located in the same general area.

Possible Felony Charges in Sunrise Manor

As Sunrise Manor is in the same jurisdiction as Las Vegas, it generally shares the same kind of felony offenses that one can possibly face, and may include:

  • Murder
  • Sexual Assault
  • Robbery
  • Felony DUI
  • Manufacture and distribution of Controlled Substances
  • Repeat offenses of most crimes like theft or stalking

Get In Touch with a Sunrise Manor Felony Attorney Today

Facing a Sunrise Manor felony case can have severe repercussions if not handled professionally. These kinds of cases are best handled by a veteran felony lawyer that has handled such cases in the past with aplomb, and who can secure favorable verdicts for clients. You need the felony defense skills of Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney.

Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney, owned by veteran Las Vegas felony attorney Ross C. Goodman, Esq., is well-known not just in Las Vegas, but in Sunrise Manor as well, for dealing with felony and other related charges like DUI and domestic violence for a multitude of clients for the past 20 years. From relatively lighter stalking charges to more concerning complaints of substantial bodily harm, Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney has assisted clients to navigate through their felony cases with a high level of professionalism and skill. He will work with you to ensure that your case is properly addressed and handled, and all parts of the story are explored, so that the results of the trial will be in your favor.

Visit his office today, or get in touch via phone or email, so he can discuss your Sunrise Manor felony case with you.

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