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The Section Seven Las Vegas Domestic Violence Defense Attorney – Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney


The Section Seven Las Vegas is one of the exclusive neighborhoods that lie within the affluent The Lakes community. It is home to many families who enjoy some of the best living standards in all of Las Vegas. Despite the comforts of their living spaces, some of the locals may get involved in family troubles and feuds. In the worst case, this can even lead to domestic violence situations.

Domestic violence charges have long-lasting effects on a person, both personally and professionally. Things can get worse if they are convicted; not only do they have to deal with severe penalties, they have to face being ostracized by the neighborhood for their supposed violence towards family members. You don’t have to go through such a tough ordeal, however. When dealing with any kind of domestic violence cases in The Section Seven Las Vegas, it is best to contact a veteran domestic violence attorney that can help you find a way out.

Enforcing Domestic Violence Laws in The Section Seven Las Vegas

The Section Seven Las Vegas falls under the jurisdiction of the Eighth Judicial District of Clark County, sharing its laws and rules with Las Vegas. For most domestic battery charges, the Municipal Court hears the case. However, cases can be elevated to the Justice Court if the complaint already warrants a felony. It can even be elevated to the Clark County District Court if the charge is far too severe.

A person suspected of being involved in a Section Seven Las Vegas domestic violence incident would be held in Las Vegas Detention Center just a short distance away from the courts, unless the accused manages to post bail. Local law enforcement offices are also located in the same general area.

Possible Domestic Violence Charges in The Section Seven Las Vegas

As The Section Seven Las Vegas is in the same jurisdiction as Las Vegas, it generally shares the same kind of domestic violence offenses that one can possibly be charged with, and may include:

  • Domestic Battery
  • Domestic Battery by Strangulation
  • Domestic Battery causing Substantial Bodily Harm
  • Coercion
  • Stalking

Contact a Veteran Defense Attorney for your Section Seven Las Vegas Domestic Violence Charge

Facing a Section Seven Las Vegas domestic violence charge can have severe repercussions if not properly addressed. Not only will your domestic life be disturbed; even a potential future outside of Nevada would be tarnished. These kinds of cases are best handled by a veteran domestic violence lawyer that has extensive knowledge and experience with domestic violence cases in Las Vegas. You need the domestic violence defense skills of Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney.

Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney, operated by veteran Las Vegas domestic violence attorney Ross C. Goodman, Esq., has been handling domestic violence, DUI, and other related charges for a multitude of clients for the past 20 years. From relatively lighter stalking charges to more concerning complaints of substantial bodily harm, Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney has assisted clients in dealing with these charges, helping them attain acquittal or reduced sentences.

Visit his office today, or get in touch via phone or email, so he can discuss your Section Seven Las Vegas domestic violence case with you.

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