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Mountain Trails is one of the smaller exclusive residences that dot the popular master-planned neighborhood of Summerlin in Las Vegas. As it is marketed to younger well-off families, many of its residents are composed of youths. This unfortunately means that Mountain Trails is vulnerable to possible instances of juvenile crimes once in a while.

Juvenile crimes should not be considered as simple offenses that minors commit once in a while. Left unchecked, someone who has been convicted of a juvenile offense might proceed to commit worse offenses in the future. Avoid such circumstances with the help of a veteran juvenile crimes lawyer for Mountain Trails.

Handling Juvenile Cases in Mountain Trails

Mountain Trails is legally covered by the Eighth Judicial District of Clark County alongside Las Vegas. Juvenile crimes fall under the jurisdiction of both the Municipal Court and the Justice court. If a complaint is severe enough, however, the case may be transferred to the Clark County District Court for further deliberation.

Individuals facing juvenile charges in Mountain Trails are mostly held at the City of Las Vegas Detention Center. Local law enforcement offices are also located in the same general area.

Possible Juvenile Crimes in Mountain Trails

As Mountain Trails is within the same jurisdiction as Las Vegas, it generally shares the same kind of juvenile offenses that one can possibly be charged with. Typical juvenile offenses include:

  • DUI
  • Underage driving
  • Possession/consumption of controlled substances
  • Theft/shoplifting
  • Stalking
  • Violating Restraining Orders
  • Underage sexual crimes

Contact Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney for Mountain Trails Juvenile Defense

The long-term effects of juvenile crimes should not be overlooked, even if some of their penalties are minor compared to those for adults. Seeking the assistance of a veteran juvenile defense attorney can go a long way to preventing the case from going out of hand and leading to worse offenses in the future.

Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney, operated by veteran Las Vegas juvenile attorney Ross C. Goodman, Esq., has built up a reputation for handling juvenile cases for a multitude of clients for over 20 years, on top of being a reliable defense lawyer for domestic violence, felony, and other serious offenses. Whether it’s lighter misdemeanor juvenile charges or more severe felony complaints, Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney will be there to provide solid, personalized defense services for clients like you. He will work with you to ensure that your case is properly addressed and handled, and all parts of the story are explored, so that the results of the trial will be in your favor.

Visit his office today, or get in touch via phone or email, so he can discuss your Mountain Trails juvenile case with you.

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