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Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney: North Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney


North Las Vegas is one of the larger urban centers in Southern Nevada. It is the state’s fourth largest city, with nearly 246,000 individuals living in the area as of 2018. It is northeast of Las Vegas, and straddles part of the Mojave Desert.

While its neighbor to the southwest is a notable entertainment hotspot for locals and foreign tourists, North Las Vegas is considered a mecca for industrial development, aerospace, manufacturing, and future technologies research. Warehousing companies and digital startups are also moving to the city and further developing its industrial hubs.

Such a bustle of industrial and technological activity can be a potential breeding ground for crimes. Law enforcement remains vigilant in dealing with everything from petty theft to corporate espionage, and everything else in between. However, there is a good chance that you or someone close to you may be caught up in all the legal mess.

In such situations, you should seek out the assistance of experienced criminal defense lawyer Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney to help you deal with any North Las Vegas criminal charges.

North Las Vegas at a Glance

  • Fourth largest city in Nevada, behind Las Vegas (est. 246,000 population in 2018)
  • Incorporated in 1946, currently serves as a manufacturing, aerospace and digital startup hotbed
  • Home to several exclusive residential developments, including Aliante and Eldorado
  • Comes under the jurisdiction of the Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County
  • Handles most misdemeanor and felony charges through the North Las Vegas Justice Court
  • Processes misdemeanor, traffic/DUI-related cases, and domestic battery complaints through the City of North Las Vegas Municipal Court

Facing North Las Vegas Crimes with Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney

Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney provides comprehensive and personal defense services for clients in North Las Vegas. Firm owner Ross C. Goodman, Esq. is honed by years of experience in handling high-profile cases for a multitude of criminal charges that you may face in the city. He aims to give clients the best possible outcome for the complaints filed against them, applying his knowledge of the Nevada justice system to present a solid case that the prosecution will have a difficult time refuting. If an outright dismissal can’t be achieved, Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney can assist clients through the process of gaining a reduction of charges for their case.

Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney handles a number of criminal cases for different clients in North Las Vegas. A few of the most common charges handled are:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Crimes
  • Theft
  • Murder and Other Violent Crimes
  • Sex Crimes

Get in Touch with Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney for North Las Vegas Criminal Defense Services

Ross C. Goodman, Esq. of Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney serves North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and other areas within Clark County. He fights for his clients’ cases aggressively, ensuring that they can get a fair trial and judgement. He works closely with clients so that together they can build a solid defense against their charges. If you are facing a serious criminal charge in North Las Vegas or anywhere else in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Goodman Criminal Defense Attorney. Call his office or visit his website today.

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