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Robbery as a Violent Crime in Nevada


Robbers use physical force to accomplish the act of taking away money or any other property of a person. Robberies in Las Vegas are very common, making robbery one of the worst violent crimes in Nevada. Walking in Las Vegas could suddenly get you unwittingly entangled in a Nevada robbery case, which is why it is essential to learn the said crime’s factors through this post.

What is the legal definition of Nevada robbery?

As it is written in the Nevada Revised Statutes or NRS section 200.380, robbery is the “unlawful taking of personal property from the person of another, or in the person’s presence, against his or her will, by means of force or violence or fear of injury.”

Aside from obvious reasons of scaring a person to give up their possessions, violence is used in robbery for the culprits to escape or render the person incapable of asking help instantly.

Robberies in Las Vegas are the most appalling theft crimes in Nevada as the victims are aware of what’s happening and because violence is always apparent.

What happens when a deadly weapon is used in robbery?

It is of common knowledge that robbery often happens with the use of a deadly weapon. Deadly weapons such as guns, knives, and any other object that will elicit fear and intimidation makes the crime an armed robbery in Las Vegas and other cities in Nevada.

In Nevada, a defendant could be convicted of both robbery and use of deadly weapons, as robbery can still be carried out even by simple brute force.

What are the punishments for Nevada robbery?

Anyone who is found guilty of Nevada robbery shall be punished with a category B felony. With this, the convicted shall face two to 15 years of imprisonment.

When the robbery turns for the worst and resulted to the death of the victim, the defendant shall also be imposed with a first-degree murder charge. This could mean a death sentence or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole, depending on the aggravating factors.

What are the defenses against robbery in Nevada?

Since robbers usually flee after doing the crime, it is common that victims falsely identify them. The defense of mistaken identity is proven to be even more effective if you support it with shreds of evidences that prove you are not in the place or time of the crime.

Another essential defense that you need to consider is the defense that you did not do it and you were only falsely accused. This defense only works if it is true that you were near the scene of the crime when it happened, you have resemblance to the suspect, and there are circumstances that incorrectly put you in the position where the real culprit should be.

Now, let us say you really committed theft but not armed robbery in Las Vegas. You could deescalate the penalties in your charges by stating that you did not use any deadly weapon or you were only pickpocketing instead of robbing. Of course, with your legal defense, you could make use of certain plea bargains that could lower your charges to either larceny or attempted robbery.

Nevada robbery is many crimes rolled in one—first, it is stealing away prized properties and second, it can ultimately harm the victim which could lead to death. If you are accused of robbery in Nevada, it will be of your best interest to have a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney by your side.

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