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Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons and Open Carry Laws


Guns have always been double-edged swords—they can be used to protect the owner’s and other people’s lives, they can also be used to bring harm to anyone close to it. One example are families holding on to guns for protection but then ultimately using it for domestic violence.

Due to this fact, there are a lot of opinions about its existence. Some are calling for a tighter regulation and some are already satisfied at the current gun laws. And with the recent attacks involving guns, the United States of America have been more alarmed by the tubular weapon.

In Las Vegas, gun laws are permissive. Here, people can carry firearms as in the open or as concealed but they are still under several conditions and restrictions. Learn of them if you are planning to bring a gun in the bustling metro!

Open carry

Nevada has always been an open-carry state, meaning it is legal for people to roam the streets with their gun exposed as long as they are of legal age. No permit is required. You can actually go to a crowded place with your gun hanging on your belt or kept inside a holster and there are no laws that will tell you to be careful about these actions. It is just up to the people around you. You cannot stop them from being alarmed but know that you are not doing anything illegal.

In Las Vegas, predominantly the Strip, establishments can choose whether they will permit someone with an open carry gun in their vicinity. They can perform frisking and require the surrender of the firearm if they wish to. Common places that do such security measures usually are casinos, arenas, and most private venues. While there are no laws that mandate you to follow disarming rules by establishments, it is best to just follow instead of risking being arrested for other charges like trespassing or misconduct.

Concealed carry

When it comes to hiding weapons purposely or for care, Las Vegas and the entirety of Nevada enforces a “shall issue” wherein a gun owner should have a permit that lets them bring a gun in a concealed manner. Opposed to open carry, concealment of weapons can carry greater threat thus the need of official permission. There also are fewer places where you can conceal carry a gun.

According to official Nevada concealed carry laws, a person must undergo a training supervised by the office of the country sheriff to have a concealed carry permit. Currently, conceal carry permits in Nevada can be honored in 31 other states like Alabama, Alaska, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming and more.

Allowed places

While Nevada authorizes people to carry a gun whether concealed or seen by the public, there are places where guns are prohibited obviously due to national laws of security.

First off, we are going to show the places where guns are permitted to be seen and be concealed:

  • State parks
  • Cars
  • Streets
  • Roadside
  • Anywhere not listed as an “Off-Limits” site

And the places where guns are prohibited to open and conceal carry are:

  • Airports
  • Schools/Child-care facilities
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Courthouses
  • Prisons
  • Correctional facilities
  • Law enforcement establishments

You can go inside a bar carrying a gun but you can be arrested if your blood alcohol concentration exceeds the limit. Schools are off-limits but you can carry a gun around it as long as you make sure you will not go inside the campus or are purposely trying to start a terrorizing commotion.

Permit Application for concealed carry

To have a permit to conceal carry a gun in Las Vegas, you will need to fit certain qualifications and accomplish several requirements.

According to Chapter 202 of the Nevada Revised Statutes, you need to be 21 years old or older to apply for a permit. You also should not be a felon, not be a drug user, not a fugitive, not mentally incapacitated, not previously convicted of violent charges, and is a legal resident of the United States.

Before, only certain firearms are allowed to be carry in concealment but now all of the guns can be enrolled for a permit. Once you are deemed fit for application, you can proceed to the county sheriff’s office to take a qualification course.

After the qualification course, a signed certificate will be given to you. Afterwards, present the following requirements:

  • Application forms
  • Course certification
  • Proof of residency
  • Fee of $96

The process of the application takes at least 120 days. Once approved, the concealed carry permit is valid for five years.

Other Las Vegas and Nevada Gun Laws

There are countless gun shops in Las Vegas and just like its matter of carry, there are no firm laws that surround it but still there are rules that you need to follow. First, only people of 18 years or older can purchase a firearm and some guns can only be sold to people older than 18. Dealers need to do background checks of their buyers through an extensive process or through presentation of identification proof. Felons, convicts, drug addicts, or those previously charged for cases like domestic violence cannot buy guns.

Once you have a gun, you can choose to either open or conceal carry it. When open carrying a gun in your vehicle, it needs to be seen on your body and not hidden elsewhere as this will need a conceal carry permit.

If you are from other states, make sure that you have a conceal carry permit for your gun if you are planning to store it elsewhere or hide it in your body. Nevada honors permit from certain states, too.

Gun Laws and Recent Attacks

A year ago, Stephen Paddock opened fire to a crowd of concertgoers near the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino killing 50 people and injuring at least 400 others. Today, it is ruled out as an isolated attack and without any fringes of terrorist agenda but this opened a new focus to the gun laws of the state and the entire country.

There are many attempts in the past of stronger gun control laws in Nevada but all of them failed to materialize. One is a new law for a more extensive background checks for gun buyers in 2017. This was favored by Nevada voters but days before its implementation, the State released a statement that cites it will not go in effect due to it being “unenforceable”.

Due to the loose gun carry laws, people can be confused on what to follow and what to not. If you are carrying a gun in concealment or in the open in Las Vegas and you are arrested, get the help of a criminal defense attorney as you might be violating certain laws or just being falsely accused.

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