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Out of State – Tourist Arrest in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is famous for its internationally known nightlife, entertainment, shopping and gambling destinations. Many people from the nearby states and even other parts of the globe who wanted to get away from their problems enjoy the attractions in Las Vegas, also known as the Sin City. Unfortunately, most people, especially those who are living outside Las Vegas Nevada, are not aware of the possible trouble Las Vegas could bring with the presence of gambling and alcohol around the city. They tend to forget the law while enjoying the attractions that keep them busy. Eventually, they end up breaking the law.

Most Frequent Charges faced by Las Vegas Tourists

  • DUI
  • Unsettled Casino Markers
  • Drug/Marijuana Possession
  • Open or Gross Lewdness
  • Violence
  • Prostitution
  • Writing Bad Checks

Following the state laws and local orders are required while you are staying in Las Vegas Nevada. Even if you are not fully aware of the laws present in Nevada, acting in accordance with the law is still necessary.

Unfamiliar Nevada Laws for Tourists

Many tourists who stay in Las Vegas are unfamiliar with the laws. Some laws are taken for granted, that is why some of the tourists end up committing mistakes.

For example, roaming around certain areas in Las Vegas Strip with an open alcoholic beverage is legal, but it is illegal to drive while having one. Just like the other states, Las Vegas Nevada has similar laws for DUI or driving under the influence.

Public intoxication which causes disturbance by being noisy or resulting in violent actions can be a reason of an arrest for misconduct and assault.

Tourists also misunderstood the legality of prostitution in Nevada. There are only specific places in Nevada where prostitution is legal, but not in Clark County. Since Las Vegas is part of the Clark County, prostitution is still illegal.

Possession of medical marijuana is also legal in Nevada but you must have a valid identification card, stating that you are using marijuana for medical purposes. There are specific laws in Nevada for marijuana charges.

Things to Remember If Tourists are Convicted in Las Vegas

With the help of a criminal defense lawyer, your charges can be reduced or even be dismissed depending on the evidences presented in the case. It is also a good thing if you do not have any criminal record or prior arrest.

Regarding the court hearings, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony case, the attorney can just represent you in court so you don’t have to bother going back and forth to Las Vegas just to appear in court every trial.

If you are a tourist in Las Vegas, and you got convicted, just contact a criminal defense attorney for professional legal help. They will be your partner in getting your charges dismissed or reduced.

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