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3 Consequences of Unpaid Casino Markers


People use casino markers to play without bringing big amount of cash. A casino marker is a completely zero interest loan that should be paid in 30 days. Here are the consequences of unpaid casino markers:

  1. 1. Withdrawal of money from your bank account


    It is required to indicate the bank account number of the person on the casino marker application. If the person failed to return the money during the grace period, the casino will collect the debt from his bank account.

    2. Formal and Criminal Complaints


    If the bank account has insufficient funds, the casino will attempt to contact the person about the debt. Here’s how they do it:

    • The person will be given a letter informing him about the debt. He has to respond within 10 days to this letter.
    • The casino will make a formal complaint if he failed to respond.
    • If the casino already filed a criminal complaint against the person, he needs to pay the debt and resolve the matter directly to the District Attorney Office.
    • The District Attorney will send him another certified letter informing him about his debt. They will give him 10 days to respond and to pay the casino marker, along with additional costs and fees that the state will add, for processing the complaint.
    • He will receive a warrant of arrest if he will not respond to the complaint.
  2. 3. Felony Charges

  3. You can be charged with felony for not paying the casino markers and for not responding to the complaints. The penalties for unpaid casino markers will depend on the amount of the marker. Here are the following charges and penalties:
    • Misdemeanor convictions (less than $250 marker) The jail time is up to six months and fines are up to $10,000
    • Felony D (above $650 marker)
    This carries a mandatory jail time from one to four years. There will be a fine of $5,000 in addition to administrative fees and repayment of the outstanding debt. The person will be given lengthy, invasive probation periods.
    Aside from the imprisonment and fines, those who were charged because of unpaid casino markers will have negative records. It will also be hard for them to get a job, find housing and exercise other rights (such as to own a gun) in the future.
    If you have unpaid casino markers, consult a legal counsel as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the greater the penalties and consequences you have to face in the future.
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