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“Is it domestic violence when I hit my spouse in front of my children?”


In some states, hitting your spouse in front of your children only merits a domestic violence charge. In Nevada, however, not only will you be charged with battery domestic violence case, and possibly child endangerment as well if this happens. Just one action can net you two separate charges. A Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney specializing in domestic violence cases will be able to help you.

Why is it child endangerment?

Battery domestic violence covers the physical aspects of domestic violence, but many might question why it can also result in child endangerment if the act was done in front of children.

As you know, domestic violence and child endangerment are not restricted to physical acts, but also includes mental harm as well. It stands to reason that the children were psychologically traumatized after witnessing the act. Another reason for the child endangerment charge is the fact that if one can hit their spouse, then they are likely (or already) hitting their children too.

What will happen to me?

Being charged with domestic violence has a lot of consequences for the defendant. After the spouse has reported the defendant to the police, then an arrest may be made even if the facts support the defendant’s case. If the police were convinced that the defendant has committed domestic violence, then they will be taken to court on a future date.

Most likely, the defendant will also be issued a protective or restraining order, which keeps them from going near and contacting their spouse and their children. This means that the defendant will not even be allowed to go near his or her own home as long as the order is still ongoing.

On the day of the trial, the defendant has to present their case and defend against the accusations levied against them. Even if they are declared “not guilty”, Child Protective Services may still attempt to take away the defendant’s children.

What you should do

Please contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas, who is familiar with all domestic violence cases. He can formulate the best strategies for your case, suggest the best course of action to take during the trial, and give you the best chance of getting an acquittal and keeping your children.

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