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The Demograph of Domestic Violence


In the United States alone, domestic violence is experienced by one in every four or 25% of women age 15 to 44. Described as the behavior of an intimate partner where the latter seeks power and control, domestic violence can take the form of physical, sexual, emotional, economic and psychological abuse. National Violence Against Women Survey even estimated in a study report that about 1.5 million women are being raped or physically abused by their intimate partner every year. It is also a gender-based crime being women more likely to be abused and violated than men. In 2003, Bureau Of Justice released a Crime Data Brief that in the year 2000, 1, 247 women were killed by their intimate partner equating them to the 400 men that were also killed on the same ground of domestic violence.

With many areas of the law still grayed out on the subject of domestic violence, many cases are still unaccounted for. In reality, violence doesn’t always follow the usual equation of man battering a woman; modern day presents a modern situation.

The mass has, more than often, judged the capacity of a woman to abuse men; but in our ever-changing environment, men are still less likely to file a complaint against their partner. However, women aren’t the only population affected by this. The issue of domestic violence encompasses a lot of issues like racial and ethnic discrimination, abuse of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders, and of the children, too.

The law specifically announced that everyone is entitled to voice out their concerns and to live equally as the others do. Domestic violence is clearly a violation of this. Though the law will protect its own citizens, the only way to stop abuse for everyone, man or woman, is to break the silence. Talk to your Las Vegas criminal defense attorney and decide when enough, is enough.

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