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Traffic Tickets in Las Vegas – Traffic Ticket Lawyer Ross Goodman


Las Vegas Traffic Tickets

Day in and out, approximately 115,000 traffic tickets are issued in the United States. But not a lot of people realize how serious getting a traffic ticket in Las Vegas actually is. There are some consequences for mishandling and misdealing these kinds of violations. Insurance rates might likely go up and your license might also be revoked. A warrant of arrest might also be issued to you until your ticket problems are resolved.

The minute you are issued a traffic ticket, you are required to appear in court. When you sign this ticket, this does not mean that you are pleading guilty, rather, that you are aware that you need to deal with it as soon as possible. If you choose to just settle the problem through payment, this is when you might be regarded as guilty.

Different Types of Traffic Violations in Nevada

Most traffic violations in Nevada are considered misdemeanors and require fines from $25 to $1000. Other serious offenses carry more serious fines as well as imprisonment in some instances. If you do not settle payment for these minor traffic violations, you will automatically be issued a warrant of arrest.

All types of traffic violations are considered as strict liability offenses. This means that this kind of liability can be reflected to the person without proving intent. An overdue parking meter offense is a relevant example. Regardless of the circumstances, the minute it is issued to you, there is really no escape at all and you will automatically get a ticket.

Traffic violation categories are categorized in various groups further: moving and non-moving categories.

Moving violations are given when the vehicle is in motion. Non-moving violation is given when the vehicle is parked or caught stationary. Moving violations add points to your driving record while non-moving ones won’t. But regardless of whether or not your violations are moving or not, it should still be regarded with importance and calls for serious action.

Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Seek help from a criminal defense lawyer now and see how this can change the course of the situation to your own benefit. A traffic lawyer should tirelessly work to ensure that your traffic violation matter is resolved. Contact one now for consultation!

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